Our House…the kitchen.

28 07 2008

This is a tour of our really big kitchen, now finally clean after a month of scrubbing, disinfecting and various vermin control measures.

Here is Webb’s favorite part, hideous blue track-lighting (can you tell i love it?). As Webb will undoubtedly ask, “am i the only one on earth who likes track-lighting?” My answer, “Yes, at least this track-lighting”

The track-lighting...what do you think?

The track-lighting...what do you think?

Another view from pre-move

Another view from pre-move

I really like the amount of space in this kitchen, not only counter space but plenty of drawers and cabinets too. I can actually cook the way I like which actually, according to Meredith, has a fancy sounding name…assemble (say it Frenchy- ah-som-blay). Apparently it just means that I like to set out all of the ingredients, measured out and in little bowls. Kind of like they do it on the cooking shows, which is funny because I never thought of myself as the type of person to be so systematic about cooking.

Stove and Oven

Stove and Oven

I took other pictures, but apparently the lighting wasn’t very good. Although the track lighting looks bad, the light it puts out is actually really nice. See how it shines on the cooking area? One day when we get more things straightened out you will get to see more of the house… 🙂




3 responses

28 07 2008

Brad loves track lighting. A lot. We don’t have any in our house yet (thank goodness); I’m holding him off as long as I can…. 😉

28 07 2008

You know, there is something to be said for RECESSED tracklighting…you get the nice look without having to see the track hanging down… Plus our kitchen is simply not the “updated modern” kitchen where track-lighting would really make sense…

19 08 2008
janie and kev

hey jamie make sure you send thus info to aunt bernadine, of tell your mom to do it. love yo you both janie

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