Oh… I forgot about Wildfires

30 07 2008

So today while hanging out in the local coffee shop Canon City Cafe the subject of rainfall came up. Now for those of you who have never lived out West (including me) it is hard to relate to the awed looks I receive when i recite that Louisville gets maybe 46 inches of rain a year. Jaw-dropping would be a good way to describe the reaction, not a “no way you’re lying!” reaction more of an “are you serious?” reaction. You need to understand that they get about 12 inches of rain a YEAR here and right now we are short 5 inches of rain due to a drought… so 7 inches of rain for 2008.

Back to the subject, apparently just over the “hill” there was a wildfire burning TODAY. Follow the link to the story… Wildfire near Canon City . You could see the smoke coming over the mountains. Now it ONLY burned up 20 acres, but still…you.could.see.the.smoke!!! So I said as an afterthought, “hope it doesn’t burn down our houses.” To which Kate replied in all seriousness, “Yeah, I hope not.”

Now as an update, no structures are threatened and the fire is contained, so nothing to worry about, but still a pretty solid glimpse into life out West…fires burning down your house…




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