Boys and their Toys. Or, Your system is STUPID

9 08 2008

After ranting about how sleepy and quiet this place is on Sundays, and most days in general I thought it would be important to note another extremely surprising (to me) fact of life here in Canon City, Colorado.

Car stereo systems, in particular the mega-disturbance of the peace causing-bass machines. No matter how small the town, no one is safe from the blaring, teeth-rattling, mind-numbing sound of a young male’s (typically) car stereo system on steroids. Even at 2am you can hear the Thudddd, thuddd, thuddd of that sound system thrown in the back of some teenagers trunk. Earth to male species, the rattling sound means it’s not properly installed or it’s of poor Qua-li-ty! Besides, shouldn’t you be spending your money on something more productive?

But wait, I need to back up here and note that in reality the majority of offending car stereo systems actually belong to people who are probably too old for this sort of behavior. I mean, it is THREE A.M. in perhaps the most boring town on the planet, don’t you have a job? Shouldn’t you be sleeping? Or if unemployed, shouldn’t you at least be getting loaded with your buddies in some sort of canyon somewhere far far away from town? I know you are 27, but where are your PARENTS!?!?!

Okay, I know on some level I am completely overlooking some mythical relationship that guys have with their cars. There is some primal urge, much like a peacocks feathers, to soup up your car, make other men jealous and attract females. I get it, but whatever happened to drag racing and paint jobs??? I’m JUST trying to sleep.

Sometimes it just makes me wanna....

Sometimes it just makes me wanna....




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16 09 2008
Freaky Bones and Stuff « Strang-e Adventures

[…] example, ATVs are allowed, you can go backcountry camping there.  But it seems that this is also that place I mentioned before up in the canyon where the losers go to get drunk and party.  Which honestly i’m fine with, […]

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