Neighborhood Wildlife

21 08 2008

I think it’s safe to assume that everyone who lives close to civilization, especially in a suburb, can relate to the problem of “neighborhood wildlife.” This encompasses domestic and wild animals. In our neighborhood there are a variety of pets primarily of the canine species. My particular nemesis is a little yappy neighbor dog (LYND) and his partner, yappy neighbor dog next door (YNDND). I would not be exaggerating if I said this dog barks in such a way that it is easy to imagine he is being devoured by a coyote. You know how pets, or even children have certain barks/cries where you know they are just barking/crying, and certain sounds where you know that something is seriously wrong. Well, LYND has the “I swear this time the coyote really is chewing my paws off!” bark…in fact I pray for this outcome, only to discover that in fact, LYND remains completely intact. If you heard this yelping, whine, scream, you would not think I was a bad person for saying this…put it out of it’s misery!

As bad as that is, it sets of a cheerful chorus of dog barking throughout the neighborhood. Very pleasant. Luckily we have learned to sleep with a fan on full blast generating white noise, this helps to somewhat block out yap dog as well as the booming bass. (a trick we picked up when we lived across the street from two hospitals).


To continue the theme of scary/annoying neighborhood animals, several weeks ago Webb and I were out jogging at 1am. Yes, I know that seems late but Webb was working second shift, and there was also the benefit of not dying in the 105 degree heat. Around here it seems that people tend to keep their dogs on a chain in the front/back yard versus building a tall fence to contain their pet. Imagine the shadowy darkness between streetlights running when all of a sudden out of the corner of your eye a giant sounding dog rushes in your direction barking its head off. Webb of course grabbed me like a human shield…kidding…actually he pushed me behind him to which I later (after throwing my pee soaked pants in the wash…again kidding) acted indignant about even though i was secretly thankful that the dog would’ve ripped his face off instead of mine, giving me a chance to run home and…call 911???


I swear the other day when we were visiting a friend who lives near Wal-mart we passed this woman standing by the entrance of Wal-mart holding a sign. Dog $5. She was holding a dog leash, and that dog looked exactly like an African Dingo Dog. Webb wanted to stop and ask if the leash was included…




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