On a positive note…

29 08 2008

Webb said last night that i am a very negative blogger, so, I thought i would share with you some very good and/or lucky things that have happened to us lately…

1. Everyone around here has a cracked windshield. About 2 weeks ago the windshield of our truck was hit right on the edge by a rock. There is a one foot crack in the window that grows and grows. On Monday we went the the car dealership to get a quote on replacing the windshield, which was much lower than we anticipated…we almost fixed it on the spot, but decided to wait a little longer. The next day we drove to Colorado Springs. A huge semi-truck threw a rock at us and cracked the other side of our windshield… Very glad we didn’t replace it yet.

2. I also won an online contest where you post a comment and a winner is randomly selected. I was post #211 and I won a set of Hero Arts stamps!!! Pretty cool! I am also planning on starting a blog to show some of the cards I’ve been making lately, so stay tuned for that.

3. Webb and I had a good time in Tucson which included me getting to wear my goggles and Webb informing me that I looked silly. Webb also took a test and did very well on it, we got his scores just the other day.

4. Next semi-weekend we are planning a camping trip. We aren’t sure where we are going to go yet, but we have all the appropriate gear (we hope)…




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