Cluttery goodness.

11 09 2008

After 25 years of living in various arrangements (home, college, apartments) I have finally come to accept one thing about myself.  I dislike cleaning and lack some discipline in that area of my life.  Put more explicitly I dislike cleaning things on a regular basis and don’t like to put things back where I found them. I tend to leave my shoes wherever they come off, and sit things down in strange places that I forget. This would be no surprise to my Mother who spent endless moments explaining that “if I would just put the toys back when I’m finished I wouldn’t have such an overwhelming mess to clean up.” Or saying things like, “I don’t know where your shoes are, I don’t wear them.”

As a child I would routinely let my room slip into a chaotic mess and then upon deciding to remedy the situation I would proceed to pull every single item off every shelf, out of every drawer and pile it into the floor.  I was gonna totally organize every single thing and it would be perfect!! After feverishly re-organizing for several hours, moving items from place to place, getting sidetracked by interesting books or items I hadn’t seen in awhile, I would collapse into an overwhelmed mess of tears and simply leave the room. Very little progress would be made. This hasn’t changed much, even as an adult, you can ask Webb who several times has walked in on a disaster area.  “I’m cleaning out the office,” I would say. He begged me never to “clean” again.

I would say that Webb and I have a cluttered home. I would not call it dirty per se. There are very strict rules of cleanliness involving any place that is a bacteria magnet.  For example: There might be mountains of paper piled everywhere, clothes strung all over the floor, but NO FOOD TRASH.  I hate leaving dishes in the sink (probably a hold-over from the rotten maggot infested food I saw floating in the kitchen sink of Webb’s frat house-oh the glory days). I routinely clean the bathroom toilet to prevent the “truckstop look.”

I am good at doing laundry, (I even fold it now) but i rarely put everything away in it’s proper place. We often locate the day’s outfit piece by piece, pants hanging on a chair, socks in the drawer, shoes under the desk. A constant conversation in our house is:

Jamie: Have you seen my wallet, hat, shoes, purse?

Webb: Nope.

Jamie: Could you please help me find it?

Webb: Why don’t you just put it in the same place every time?

Jamie: Just help me find it!

Webb: It’s sitting right there on the desk, couch, counter, table.

Jamie: Oh thanks

Rinse, repeat.




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