Red Canyon

13 09 2008

On Thursday Webb and I took one look at the weather report for the evening and decided to cancel our planned camping trip.  Since “weather” wouldn’t arrive until about 5-6pm we decided to make a trip a few miles north of Canon City to Red Canyon (literally 10-15 minutes outside of town).  The entire Red Canyon area is a mix of Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Public Park owned by the City, and private land.  The rock formations out here are absolutely amazing and reminds me of a much cooler and less touristy version of Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. We did a cursory exploration of the park and plan to come back and explore A LOT more in the coming weeks.

Webb and i climbed up to the very tippy top of this formation, there is a neat cave-like place up there where someone has clearly had a camp-fire.

This is a view of Red Canyon Park from the top of the rock formation.

Below is our truck.

I thought this tree looked really interesting against the sandstone rocks.

We didn’t get to go see these towering rocks on this trip, but plan to make our way over there on our next trip. They may look small from here, but they are actually very far away in this photo. Not sure if the road winds over that way, or if we will need to find a foot trail. Still, I’m really excited to see these up close and personal.

Other pictures for the trip…




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