It’s Fall Fall Fall…

22 09 2008

The few trees with leaves started to change around here about 1-2 weeks ago, but now it certainly is Fall.  Funny since today is the official beginning of Fall, I’m used to a late October-November type situation.  It gets up into the 80s here on a daily basis but at night it drops down into the 40s and sometimes even 30s…it’s September so you’ll excuse me if I look to the coming months with a sense of dread.

For a few days there was an invasion of crickets in our house.  Maybe 3 or 4 of those inch long, thick-bodied, freak you out crickets.  It seems to have passed though, a healthy dose of bug killer probably helped. The worst is that they seem to have a little spike that sticks out of their rear which makes them resemble roaches.  Imagine my shrieks when I first discovered what I thought was a roach in my kitchen (GROSS) and then it jumped (JUMPED!!!) about a foot in the air in my direction. The scream must’ve been ear-splitting. Thankfully only a cricket, which I have no problem catching with my hands and tossing out the front door.




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