A camping we will go…

28 09 2008

We went camping again this weekend. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera this time. We weren’t actually planning on going, but when Webb came home from work we just threw everything in the car in less than 15 minutes and hit the road. Pack-up, set-up, and take-down are super fast now that we know the routine. Plus our tent is super easy to put up even with just one person. We camped at the same place we did last time and actually got a good night’s sleep. It actually wasn’t that cold out there, about 49 degrees. Since the moon didn’t rise until maybe 1am that night and it was clear you could see the stars very well, we saw several shooting stars.

In the morning we packed everything up and drove a different way out to see if the road eventually looped around…unfortunately after a terrifying ride (steep and rocky) the road simply ended with no place to turn around. Thrilling, especially when we were discussing how we might possibly get stuck out there and what we would do. We managed to turn the car around without breaking anything and clawed our way back out.




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