Colorado Senate Spot

10 10 2008

I can’t help it, I actually love this campaign commercial, every single time I see it i have to laugh. Yes yes, I know that he doesn’t actually say anything substantial here except that out of state interests are attacking him. Still i just think it’s catchy the way that he begins the commercial.

Around here at least every other commercial is for some sort of campaign or amendment issue. There are so many amendments on the ballot this year that it actually requires extra postage!!! And the ads for the presidential campaign are numerous as well.




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10 10 2008
Colorado Senate Spot

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10 10 2008
Colorado Adventures » Blog Archive » Colorado Senate Spot

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10 10 2008

Postage? You mean Colorado allows vote-by-mail? How strange and liberal and scary. Kentucky accuses you of voter fraud, ma’am.

10 10 2008

Oh my god. That is HILARIOUS!

10 10 2008

Colorado allows both in-person and mail in voting…maybe because the population is so spread out. In the 2007 election (mostly state and local) it was ALL by mail-in ballot.

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