5 02 2009

We’ve finally settled into our new place in Kentucky and i realized that i have completely neglected this blog.  “Realized” is probably a poor choice of words, because i totally knew i wasn’t posting, but i had just been so busy that i felt i had other more important things to do.  Frankly there are a lot more things to do here in Louisville than in Canon City.  For starters, real human interaction…in person not over the phone.  Of course there are the requisite places to shop and restaurants to vist etc. etc.  Having a job and spending time with other people takes up a lot of time when compared to unemployment and social isolation, which is really the way it should be and the way i prefer it.

A few things that have happened since our last post.

  1. We left Colorado behind, for several weeks after returning we agreed to pretend it was just a bad dream.
  2. Thanksgiving-In Kingsport
  3. Christmas-In Louisville
  4. Lived in my childhood bedroom with my husband for 3 weeks
  5. Moved into a house on Frankfort Ave.
  6. Got a temporary job with my Mom (and for awhile my sister too)
  7. Reconnected with several good friends (though still several to get in touch with)
  8. Celebrated Webb’s 26th birthday
  9. Learned to cook a delicious recipe Ginger Chicken Meatballs (post to come)
  10. Lost power for a week from an ice storm

Things are going well, I’m goignt o get back into the swing of things with the blog.




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