This is how we got here, the Job Interview in Florence in December 2007.

This is how we got here, the Job Interview in December 2007.

Trying to document our Strang-e Adventures abroad. Okay, we’re not abroad we’re in Colorado, but it might as well be a foreign country.


7 responses

24 07 2008

wow- how fun! so nice having a visual image of where you are! Keep them coming. We’ll get on the photos soon. We had such a lovely time with you guys!!! Love you soooo much!

28 07 2008
janie and kev

looks like you guys are having a great time and adjusting well. we wish you the best

4 08 2008
kim and julie

This is such a great idea. I love to read about your adventures and the pictures are beautiful. Thanks for keeping in touch. We wish you guys well. Are you cooking in your big kitchen?

5 08 2008

Hi,enjoyed reading about your adventures—-keep it up. Hope you will continue to send pictures and stories. Enjoy life!!!!!!!!!!!

11 08 2008

Jamie & Webb,
I love your journaling! Maybe you could write articles for magazines seeing the job opportunities are minimal. I’ll read your blog often so keep up the wonderful ‘job’.
Enjoy the views and weather. I wish ya’ll the best. M.A.D.L.Y.

7 09 2008
kim and julie

So now you bake. Congrats.Hope all is well. Love reading the blogs.

7 03 2009

I ran across your blog tonight and wanted to compliment you on the beautiful pics and interesting journal. I am very impressed and will share with others – we’ve lived here 11 years. Thanks for sharing!

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