Our (soon to be) new house!

28 07 2009

We made an offer on a house, and our offer was accepted this morning!  In approximately 45 days we will be the proud official owners of our very own home.



5 02 2009

We’ve finally settled into our new place in Kentucky and i realized that i have completely neglected this blog.  “Realized” is probably a poor choice of words, because i totally knew i wasn’t posting, but i had just been so busy that i felt i had other more important things to do.  Frankly there are a lot more things to do here in Louisville than in Canon City.  For starters, real human interaction…in person not over the phone.  Of course there are the requisite places to shop and restaurants to vist etc. etc.  Having a job and spending time with other people takes up a lot of time when compared to unemployment and social isolation, which is really the way it should be and the way i prefer it.

A few things that have happened since our last post.

  1. We left Colorado behind, for several weeks after returning we agreed to pretend it was just a bad dream.
  2. Thanksgiving-In Kingsport
  3. Christmas-In Louisville
  4. Lived in my childhood bedroom with my husband for 3 weeks
  5. Moved into a house on Frankfort Ave.
  6. Got a temporary job with my Mom (and for awhile my sister too)
  7. Reconnected with several good friends (though still several to get in touch with)
  8. Celebrated Webb’s 26th birthday
  9. Learned to cook a delicious recipe Ginger Chicken Meatballs (post to come)
  10. Lost power for a week from an ice storm

Things are going well, I’m goignt o get back into the swing of things with the blog.

Dear Sir or Madam,

9 10 2008

Something occurred the other day which i have never ever witnessed before in my household, someone put a new roll of toilet paper ON THE HOLDER! I was confused at first as to how it got there since I hadn’t put it there. This is not something that I nag about since I often neglect to replace rolls and the toilet paper is stored under the sink within easy reach. 🙂  My dear sweet husband did it. He also loads/empties dishwashers and vacuums too. I also mopped my kitchen and bathroom with a bleach solution for the first time (I usually use a swiffer). Very clean, and hopefully temporarily germ free. I felt like i was back at The Little Gym mopping/cleaning the mats, which is actually something I found relaxing and pretty enjoyable.

In other news, (though i’ve probably mentioned it several times before) with the cold weather we had a brief invasion of icky buggles. However, with the frosty conditions and a few bug spray treatments the threat has subsided for now (though I am afraid to speak too soon). I am not particularly terrified of bugs, except when they touch me. Particularly when a millipede strolled across the back of my hand, trust me, he/she got the squish treatment with GUSTO. I do sometimes get a little aprehensive when a friendly bug-eating spider disappears from view without warning, one can’t help but imagine it hunting you down and crawling on you while you sleep.

As far as our house (aka horrible rental) is concerned. The next task is to straighten up and hang curtains in the living room, a task I have neglected so far my excuse being…laziness. I have also prepared a written list of complaints to be submitted to the landlord, since phone calls seem to take weeks to get a response. The list consists of the following though not in these exact words.

  1. Heater doesn’t work or isn’t turned on…I think this is somewhat essential considering it’s October.
  2. Kitchen sink leaks under the sink and above all over the counter.
  3. Deadbolt on front door broken, cannot lock/unlock from the outside.
  4. Did anyone ever fix the roof which leaks and has several water marks from past leaks too?
  5. Window in bathroom will not close, I just know the pipes will freeze, plus taking a shower with a cold wind blowing on you is not fun.
  6. Bushes and weeds seriously overgrown, I thought you were going to trim this back. In your words, “I’ll hire someone to do some landscaping.” Our yard looks so ghetto and abandoned.  It’s really trashy.

It’s Fall Fall Fall…

22 09 2008

The few trees with leaves started to change around here about 1-2 weeks ago, but now it certainly is Fall.  Funny since today is the official beginning of Fall, I’m used to a late October-November type situation.  It gets up into the 80s here on a daily basis but at night it drops down into the 40s and sometimes even 30s…it’s September so you’ll excuse me if I look to the coming months with a sense of dread.

For a few days there was an invasion of crickets in our house.  Maybe 3 or 4 of those inch long, thick-bodied, freak you out crickets.  It seems to have passed though, a healthy dose of bug killer probably helped. The worst is that they seem to have a little spike that sticks out of their rear which makes them resemble roaches.  Imagine my shrieks when I first discovered what I thought was a roach in my kitchen (GROSS) and then it jumped (JUMPED!!!) about a foot in the air in my direction. The scream must’ve been ear-splitting. Thankfully only a cricket, which I have no problem catching with my hands and tossing out the front door.

Can Cook

13 09 2008

For the past 1-2 weeks I have been cooking dinner each night and eating the leftovers for lunch.  Though I don’t consider myself a master chef Webb’s not dead yet, so that must mean success.  I have attempted to cook several meals sporadically in the past and Webb keeps hinting that this time the food is so much better than what I normally cook.  He’s very appreciative of this, but I don’t quite understand since I personally don’t feel that Jambalaya is much more exotic than Shrimp Corn Chowder or Chicken Curry.

I think that he is still traumatized by the time that I tried to make breakfast in bed and somehow the eggs turned out grey.  Grey! I don’t know what happened, and I don’t like eggs at all anyway… He was appalled and has since always complained about how I’m always experimenting, and can’t I just try to make something plain and NORMAL for once.

I am personally of the opinion that if you don’t like what I’ve cooked for you then you can fix something for yourself.

First REAL thunderstorm

16 08 2008

Okay, so a clear theme on this blog is the weather. i can’t help it, it is so different here. Last night was what I consider our first REAL thunderstorm in Colorado. There was even a Severe Thunderstorm Warning…exciting!!! At 4am we woke up (I almost always sleep through thunderstorms) to the tap-tap-tttap of hail on the windows and roof. The hail actually lasted for over 2 minutes, long enough to lay in bed, realize what that noise was, marvel at its intensity, get freaked out by the increased intensity, get out of bed and look out the windows and then discover our ceiling leaking on the carpet. NICE…so a perfunctory call to the landlord was made, because HELLO leaking ceiling!!! Don’t worry though, based on the charming water damage spots in the ceiling I knew it was only a matter of time before the ceiling collapsed on us and placed furniture away from the offending spots. One day I will post about all the problems we have had with this house. Thank god for renter’s insurance.

There was enough hail to pile up in places so that it almost looked like snow…in August, shoot me now. The hail was only pea-sized, maybe two peas-sized, coupled with an actual downpour and sufficient lightning. Sorry no photo, I was pretty much focused on making sure we weren’t going to die or suffer property damage, and getting back into bed.

One of the major differences here, is the after-effects of 1-2 inches of rain. Actually even a much lower amount. Because there is no grass, trees, etc. There is a real problem with flash-flooding. Now of course we have that back home, with the occasional creek over-topping its banks, maybe your basement gets flooded or a low lying road is blocked. But out here it is a lot faster, and seem a lot more dangerous. The other day a very small rainstorm washed out an entire roadway near here. Every open field has deep ditch/canyons called arroyos that snake across the land, heck we even have a mini-ditch that runs though our front yard. It’s just that water comes fast and doesn’t have anywhere to go. Plus all the mountains…that too. I will take pictures next time I get a chance.

Our House…the kitchen.

28 07 2008

This is a tour of our really big kitchen, now finally clean after a month of scrubbing, disinfecting and various vermin control measures.

Here is Webb’s favorite part, hideous blue track-lighting (can you tell i love it?). As Webb will undoubtedly ask, “am i the only one on earth who likes track-lighting?” My answer, “Yes, at least this track-lighting”

The track-lighting...what do you think?

The track-lighting...what do you think?

Another view from pre-move

Another view from pre-move

I really like the amount of space in this kitchen, not only counter space but plenty of drawers and cabinets too. I can actually cook the way I like which actually, according to Meredith, has a fancy sounding name…assemble (say it Frenchy- ah-som-blay). Apparently it just means that I like to set out all of the ingredients, measured out and in little bowls. Kind of like they do it on the cooking shows, which is funny because I never thought of myself as the type of person to be so systematic about cooking.

Stove and Oven

Stove and Oven

I took other pictures, but apparently the lighting wasn’t very good. Although the track lighting looks bad, the light it puts out is actually really nice. See how it shines on the cooking area? One day when we get more things straightened out you will get to see more of the house… 🙂