9 days

30 08 2009

Nine days until we close on our new house.  we are so excited. To finally move in, of course I hope to put up a tour once we are actually first moving in of what the place looks like without “other people’s furniture.”  We are super excited to move in, settle down, and then begin plotting our next project.  we THINK we have almost everything planned out as far as which rooms things will go into.  The only thing I can’t seem to figure it is where I will put my office.  I’m sure the next few weeks will be super hectic, but I hope that I will remember to update everyone on our new place.


Getting back into it

19 07 2009

So obviously we haven’t been updating the blog in quite some time.  Now that we have rejoined civilization there are so many things to take up our time.  It’s so good to be back in Louisville.  This coming weekend we are going to spend Saturday looking at houses.  Pretty exciting i think.  We picked about 10 places that we’re going to check out.  This is our first weekend of house hunting so we’re pretty excited.

We’ve also been getting re-acquainted with our old hobbies:

P1010004 Webb is pringing is little metal men to paint.  I’ve been doing the cardmaking as well.

Dinner Menu

22 02 2009

Tonight’s dinner menu will consist of the following:

Blackened Tilapia
Broccoli with Chipotle Cheddar Cheese
Sweet Potato Stir-fry with Dates and Walnuts
Whole Wheat Pasta with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto
Corn Chipotle Bisque.

It all sounds so high class when you type it all out like that. instead of saying, fish, broccoli, sweet potatoes, pasta, and corn soup.

Now I wish i could find my camera and take a picture of the spread.

Please read the letter that I wrote

10 02 2009

I heard a small part of this song on NPR Monday morning driving to work.  Just that little bit had been stuck in my head for over a day. Now i’m totally hooked.  This might be the first actual album I’ve bought in a really long time.


5 02 2009

We’ve finally settled into our new place in Kentucky and i realized that i have completely neglected this blog.  “Realized” is probably a poor choice of words, because i totally knew i wasn’t posting, but i had just been so busy that i felt i had other more important things to do.  Frankly there are a lot more things to do here in Louisville than in Canon City.  For starters, real human interaction…in person not over the phone.  Of course there are the requisite places to shop and restaurants to vist etc. etc.  Having a job and spending time with other people takes up a lot of time when compared to unemployment and social isolation, which is really the way it should be and the way i prefer it.

A few things that have happened since our last post.

  1. We left Colorado behind, for several weeks after returning we agreed to pretend it was just a bad dream.
  2. Thanksgiving-In Kingsport
  3. Christmas-In Louisville
  4. Lived in my childhood bedroom with my husband for 3 weeks
  5. Moved into a house on Frankfort Ave.
  6. Got a temporary job with my Mom (and for awhile my sister too)
  7. Reconnected with several good friends (though still several to get in touch with)
  8. Celebrated Webb’s 26th birthday
  9. Learned to cook a delicious recipe Ginger Chicken Meatballs (post to come)
  10. Lost power for a week from an ice storm

Things are going well, I’m goignt o get back into the swing of things with the blog.

Colorado Senate Spot

10 10 2008

I can’t help it, I actually love this campaign commercial, every single time I see it i have to laugh. Yes yes, I know that he doesn’t actually say anything substantial here except that out of state interests are attacking him. Still i just think it’s catchy the way that he begins the commercial.

Around here at least every other commercial is for some sort of campaign or amendment issue. There are so many amendments on the ballot this year that it actually requires extra postage!!! And the ads for the presidential campaign are numerous as well.

Always bring your camera to Wal-Mart

6 10 2008

Today, while passing Wal-mart customer service we saw a little girl pounding away at the job application kiosk’s keyboard. “Wow, the economy must be really bad huh?”

Once again, another reason to always bring your camera to your local Wally World. I’ve missed several notable photos by leaving my camera at home while going to the grocery.