Nasty Trash and Stuff

16 09 2008

One thing that I noticed when we were out in the BLM area exploring was that there is a lot of trash.  Most decent outdoors people (and even regular folks) follow the Leave No Trace principle which is essentially exactly what it says, don’t litter, don’t mess up the ecosystem.  BLM lands are public lands with fairly loose restrictions on their usage.  For example, ATVs are allowed, you can go backcountry camping there.  But it seems that this is also that place I mentioned before up in the canyon where the losers go to get drunk and party.  Which honestly i’m fine with, except there is broken glass ALL over the place.  Back in the woods you can tell people found a nice place to hang out and trashed it.  Plastic litter and broken fifths of vodka.  It’s really sad and ugly, and well, dangerous too. The fact that the area in general is so beautiful makes the trash stick out even more.  Next time I go out there I’m bringing a big ole’ garbage bag, maybe I can at least pick up the plastic stuff.


Here are a few pictures from Dinosaur Flats in the Garden Park Fossil Area.  I just think it’s so neat that someone once found fossils out here.  Makes me want to be a paleontologist again…

Giant ant hill.  Pretty normal out here.  We have one bigger than this in our front yard by the road, but since school has started the kids walking home from school have been messing with it… BAD KIDS get out of my yard! Only I can play with the ant hill.

As you know Webb loves to wave at the camera. I would say that he’s a dork, but that would be rude.

After the cacti bloom in June/July the flowers fall off and the ends are green, but in the Fall they turn yellow.  Pretty.


Adventures Galore

15 09 2008

The other day we pulled up next to an old pick-up truck with four deer hooves jutting out of the truck-bed.  YeeHAAAAWWW!!!

Webb and I are planning to go camping again this ‘weekend,’ this time we’ll be roughing it BLM-style, and out of earshot of any major highways…the weather is supposed to be amazing, though it does get cold at night. Most important I need to check when hunting season starts around here, I’ve heard it’s soon.

Dinosaur Flats

After doing some research the other day I realized that the area we were exploring on our last outing (before visiting Red Canyon Park) is part of the Garden Park Fossil Area. The road we were on was called Dinosaur Flats. “Across the street” there is a similar dirt road called oil-well flats.  Here is a map of the area, we were in the Garden Park Fossil area and Red Canyon Park. The following is a description of some of the wildlife found in the area…

The rugged rocky canyons and rolling hills between the grasslands and the mountains support pinon pine and juniper woodlands. The abundance of mule deer here make these areas prime habitat for mountain lions. Although you’re not likely to see a mountain lion, you may see a roadrunner, relatively rare this far north.”

Now when is says that you are not likely to see a mountain lion it is because cats stalk their prey…FUN!!!

What i really wonder is if there are still any dinosaur bones in the area…wouldn’t that be neat.