A camping we will go…

28 09 2008

We went camping again this weekend. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera this time. We weren’t actually planning on going, but when Webb came home from work we just threw everything in the car in less than 15 minutes and hit the road. Pack-up, set-up, and take-down are super fast now that we know the routine. Plus our tent is super easy to put up even with just one person. We camped at the same place we did last time and actually got a good night’s sleep. It actually wasn’t that cold out there, about 49 degrees. Since the moon didn’t rise until maybe 1am that night and it was clear you could see the stars very well, we saw several shooting stars.

In the morning we packed everything up and drove a different way out to see if the road eventually looped around…unfortunately after a terrifying ride (steep and rocky) the road simply ended with no place to turn around. Thrilling, especially when we were discussing how we might possibly get stuck out there and what we would do. We managed to turn the car around without breaking anything and clawed our way back out.


Oil Well Flats

20 09 2008

On Thursday we went camping again. Take two, for the BLM, only this time we hoped that our plans wouldn’t be ruined by the 31% chance for rain. After watching the weather like a hawk, with clear skies we decided to begin packing a head in that direction (if the weather changed we would just go home). After packing grey clouds began to roll in, after eating drip drops of very light rain, in the drive-thru to get coffee monstrous scary lightning everywhere but no rain. Once I convinced Webb that, “clearly the weather is quickly moving east and if you look west the skies are clear and the weather will be nice, and please please please let’s at least drive up there.”

We had our spot all picked out, but when we got out there someone was already there parked behind a tree doing God knows what.  So we went about 2 miles further back into the area and found the most awesome campsite ever. We will definitely be returning to this location for future camp-outs.  It’s on the top of a hill over looking the canyon.  Off in the distance to the south you could see some lights from Canon City twinkling in the distance. It had a great fire pit already built and used, flat vegetation-free ground, and a nice little pull in for the car. It was GREAT. When we first arrived it was raining (barely). Enough to make us re-think our decision, but it stopped right after we got the tent set up and the fire lit. The only drawback was that it was almost too quiet at night, and every sound was the sound of a bear or mountain lion contemplating ripping open the tent and having a midnight snack.

This is where the tent was, actually very comfortable.

This is where the fire-pit was, very cozy, and you could sit on the big rock to the left.

The sun was shining so brightly that Webb couldn’t open his eyes to see who he was waving to.

Adventures Galore

15 09 2008

The other day we pulled up next to an old pick-up truck with four deer hooves jutting out of the truck-bed.  YeeHAAAAWWW!!!

Webb and I are planning to go camping again this ‘weekend,’ this time we’ll be roughing it BLM-style, and out of earshot of any major highways…the weather is supposed to be amazing, though it does get cold at night. Most important I need to check when hunting season starts around here, I’ve heard it’s soon.

Dinosaur Flats

After doing some research the other day I realized that the area we were exploring on our last outing (before visiting Red Canyon Park) is part of the Garden Park Fossil Area. The road we were on was called Dinosaur Flats. “Across the street” there is a similar dirt road called oil-well flats.  Here is a map of the area, we were in the Garden Park Fossil area and Red Canyon Park. The following is a description of some of the wildlife found in the area…

The rugged rocky canyons and rolling hills between the grasslands and the mountains support pinon pine and juniper woodlands. The abundance of mule deer here make these areas prime habitat for mountain lions. Although you’re not likely to see a mountain lion, you may see a roadrunner, relatively rare this far north.”

Now when is says that you are not likely to see a mountain lion it is because cats stalk their prey…FUN!!!

What i really wonder is if there are still any dinosaur bones in the area…wouldn’t that be neat.

Going camping!!!

1 09 2008

We are going camping! Today I spread out all the gear (non-clothing) that we would possibly take camping and lovingly admired all the items. Then I fretted over whether i had all the things I needed (still need an appropriate first-aid kit and fire related items) and also whether my chronic over-packing tendencies had been completely satisfied… Did i ever tell you that I tend to pack very early for things? Often weeks in advance…I think it’s the excitement.

Tomorrow I will be setting up our new tent for practice and probably packing clothes and planning meals.  Here’s a picture of the tent we bought.

I also garbled through directions on how to use a compass (my Dad taught me years ago but I need a refresher) and admired my topographical map of the area. I also read sections of my outdoor survival guide and Colorado camping guides, and drooled over the REI website of expensive specialized outdoor camping gear.

We are planning to camp right on the Arkansas River at a campground called 5 points. It should be fun, and if we survive we may get to plan another trip further up the Arkansas River Valley away from civilization at the Hecla campground. Both are located in the Upper Arkansas Valley Recreation Area. We’ll see how it goes. i don’t really ever see Webb and I as serious back-country campers, but I would like to reside somewhere in the middle ground between back-country camping and electrical hookups. For example, for a longer trip (more than 3 nights) running water provided and toilets optional, no electricity.

Eventually we may grow more adventurous, but for now this should be fun. I’m mostly looking forward to campfires, because I may be a girl, but i CAN build a mean fire. I’ll be sure to take pics.

On a positive note…

29 08 2008

Webb said last night that i am a very negative blogger, so, I thought i would share with you some very good and/or lucky things that have happened to us lately…

1. Everyone around here has a cracked windshield. About 2 weeks ago the windshield of our truck was hit right on the edge by a rock. There is a one foot crack in the window that grows and grows. On Monday we went the the car dealership to get a quote on replacing the windshield, which was much lower than we anticipated…we almost fixed it on the spot, but decided to wait a little longer. The next day we drove to Colorado Springs. A huge semi-truck threw a rock at us and cracked the other side of our windshield… Very glad we didn’t replace it yet.

2. I also won an online contest where you post a comment and a winner is randomly selected. I was post #211 and I won a set of Hero Arts stamps!!! Pretty cool! I am also planning on starting a blog to show some of the cards I’ve been making lately, so stay tuned for that.

3. Webb and I had a good time in Tucson which included me getting to wear my goggles and Webb informing me that I looked silly. Webb also took a test and did very well on it, we got his scores just the other day.

4. Next semi-weekend we are planning a camping trip. We aren’t sure where we are going to go yet, but we have all the appropriate gear (we hope)…