Going camping!!!

1 09 2008

We are going camping! Today I spread out all the gear (non-clothing) that we would possibly take camping and lovingly admired all the items. Then I fretted over whether i had all the things I needed (still need an appropriate first-aid kit and fire related items) and also whether my chronic over-packing tendencies had been completely satisfied… Did i ever tell you that I tend to pack very early for things? Often weeks in advance…I think it’s the excitement.

Tomorrow I will be setting up our new tent for practice and probably packing clothes and planning meals.  Here’s a picture of the tent we bought.

I also garbled through directions on how to use a compass (my Dad taught me years ago but I need a refresher) and admired my topographical map of the area. I also read sections of my outdoor survival guide and Colorado camping guides, and drooled over the REI website of expensive specialized outdoor camping gear.

We are planning to camp right on the Arkansas River at a campground called 5 points. It should be fun, and if we survive we may get to plan another trip further up the Arkansas River Valley away from civilization at the Hecla campground. Both are located in the Upper Arkansas Valley Recreation Area. We’ll see how it goes. i don’t really ever see Webb and I as serious back-country campers, but I would like to reside somewhere in the middle ground between back-country camping and electrical hookups. For example, for a longer trip (more than 3 nights) running water provided and toilets optional, no electricity.

Eventually we may grow more adventurous, but for now this should be fun. I’m mostly looking forward to campfires, because I may be a girl, but i CAN build a mean fire. I’ll be sure to take pics.