Our newest favorite-est recipe

23 02 2009

Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs with Edamame and Snow Peas

This recipe is great because you can fiddle with the veggies involved (I’m looking at you Melody), and honestly you could probably change around the “meat” involved, even using tofu since the key is the ginger flavor.

Tonight we are going to attempt Cedar Plank Salmon…I’m not usually a salmon fan, so we’ll see how it goes.



30 09 2008

When did October happen? I know that it is Sept. 30th and not actually October yet, but seriously!? Life often teaches us that when we are bored time slows to a crawl, and when you’re busy and enjoying things it goes by in a flash. Well I’ve been plenty bored, but it seems to have flown by.  I’ve been here over three (3!) months now, and Webb for six. It’s changing from Summer to Fall and Winter will be here soon enough.  Still, where did the time go?

My Dad has always pointed out that as you get older the days seem to go by faster and faster. At 25 I can’t imagine it going by faster than it already is.  I’m already saying, what happened to 23 and 24? Now in less than a month I’ll be 26, how did this happen?

Yesterday I cooked what I think is my new favorite pasta dish of all time. An experimental recipe that actually didn’t end in utter disaster. I guess i’ll call it spicy alfredo for now, it remains to be seen if I can ever replicate the recipe.  Still it was a major hit and reheats well.  It’s also very simple and uses chicken, pasta, alfredo sauce and habanero sauce.

Grill chicken (I rubbed mine with a chipotle chicken rub and used my George Foreman grill). Slice chicken into thin slices or cubes. Cook pasta. Heat Bertoli Red Pepper Alfredo Sauce (in a jar in the pasta aisle) on the stove. Add about 5-10 squirts of Habanero Sauce to the alfredo sauce (err on the side of caution, stir and add more).

Habanero sauce may sound gross, but it will add more “heat” than actual flavor to the sauce, though as i said, add a little…taste test…then add some more.  Too much and you won’t want to eat it.