Lakewood Denver

27 07 2008

Thursday Webb had an unexpected day off and so we decided to drive up to Lakewood to check out the Games Workshop Factory Store and see Denver. As big as this state is Denver is only a 2/2.5 hour drive from Canon City. It seems that Colorado Springs, Denver and Boulder are really all one giant city. The road between Denver and the Springs (as the locals call it) is filled in between with other small satellite cities like Castle Rock and Black Forrest. If you can imagine all of the driving space between Louisville, Lexington, and Frankfort being completely developed with residential and shopping all in between (like St. Matthews or Porspect), that would be comparable I think.

This is Castle Rock also the name of of suburb of Denver/COS

This is Castle Rock also the name of of suburb of Denver/COS. The picture is a little substandard due to a high rate of speed on the highway.

So we arrived in this giant yet unexciting outlet mall in Lakewood just north of Denver. Little did we know that the store would actually be closing on the 27th and that everything would be 25% off!!! Good timing for Webb who proceeded to drool and strategize over which pieces he would purchase.

In the meanwhile I found a nice pair of dress shoes for $10. The thing about outlet malls is that most of the stuff isn’t a very good deal, but every once in awhile you will find a pair of $100 shoes in perfect condition on sale for only $9.99.

Overall though it was an uneventful trip, the area was mostly generic stores that can be found anywhere in America (at least in a city of any size). Still it was nice to see Denver (boring skyline) and have a nice dinner at a chain restaurant (Macaroni Grill).

)  Webb didn't like all the arrows pointing at him...

I think I am the mean wife who harrasses her poor innocent husband. 🙂 Webb didn't like all the arrows pointing at him...

Who would’ve thought that of all the nice places we went to in Lakewood (which appears to be a very upscale area of town), the nicest bathroom at all was at an Exxon Station? Beat out Barnes and Noble, Macaroni Grill, Qdoba and the Outlet Mall; all of which had been gruesomely destroyed by teenagers and/or neglected by employees…so destroyed even Webb refused to go near them.